A full body Emmett Treatment has been known to balance the body, improves flexibility and  assists multiple pains, injuries and discomforts.


               Sport Injuries 


Stay on top of your performance -  enhance balance, increase flexibility, improve movement, ease pain and discomfort.

  •   Improve your rotation
  •   Balance
  •   Flexibility
  •   Grip strength
  •   And much much more!

Pregnancy Treatment

In pregnancy, Emmett Therapy can help muscles adjust as your body changes, allowing you to be in a more relaxed physical state through the whole pregnancy helping to ready your body for birthing.


  •   Addresses hip, back and shoulder  tension

  •   Reduce fluid retention

  •   Improve lung capacity

  •   Ease cramping

  •    forearm pain

  •   Give an overall sense of balance


Post-Pregnancy Treatment

Post-natal treatments help to re-set stretched areas of your body and to bring your body into balance. The Emmett Therapy  can also assist when your baby arrives. Babies can have discomfort just as we do.

Baby Treatment

Symptoms which have been relieved:

  •   Difficulty feeding
  •   Colic
  •   Bowel assistance
  •   Sleeping issues
  •   Stiffness and rigidness

Child - Teenager Treatment

This treatment can assist your child with injury, pain, discomfort, sleep issues, bed wetting and can be a fantastic relief from growing pains and  aid  relaxation.

Symptoms which have been relieved:

  •   Shin pain 

  •   Persistence heel and foot pain

  •   Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort 

  •   Ankle and knee restriction 

  •   Aids relaxation 

  •   And much much more!

Seniors' Treatment

You can be treated seated, standing or lying down.

The treatment can be applied directly to the skin or done through clothing.

Symptoms which have been relieved:

  •   Grip strength

  •   Help lower leg difficulties

  •   Increase shoulder movement

  •   Reduce fluid retention

  •   Increase balance

  •   And much much more!

Disability and Special Needs Treatment

Gentle and safe muscle release  treatment improving quality of life.

 Symptoms which have been relieved:

  •   Improves co-ordination

  •   Improves balance and stability

  •   Reduces muscle spasm/rigidity

  •   Improves focus and concentration

  •   Decreases anxiousness and instills calm

  •   Assists digestion

  •   Reduces fluid retention

  •   And much much more!

Lymphatic Drainage

This relaxing  treatment involves the application of light touch combined with gentle rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymphatic system.

An EMMETT Technique Lymphatic Drainage may:

  •   Reduce inflammation and improve healing

  •   Help regulate bowel movements

  •   Assist with fluid retention

  •   Increase energy levels

  •   Ease sinus conditions

  •   Aid relaxation

  •   Help post infection

Bowen Therapy

The therapy consists of a series of gentle moves, which allows the therapist the right to assess the muscle tissue for inconsistencies whilst giving the body opportunity to self-correct and relax muscles.
A valued therapy for all ages, from infants through to the elderly.

Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is one of the most pleasurable massage experiences. The soothing technique involves long, smooth, gliding strokes which are rhythmic and flowing.
Helps promote well being, improves sleep, aids relaxation and enhances a range of systemic body functions.

Remedial, Sports or Deep Tissue Massage

This is an intensive form of massage; through slow strokes and deep finger pressure the Massage Therapist uses a combination of soft tissue techniques including trigger point.

Our prices

Age group Price 
  Baby Treatment 0-1yr


  Child Treatment 1-7yrs $30
  Child Primary Age Treatment 8-13yrs $35
  High School Teens 14yrs+ $45
  Child Disability and Special Needs $25
  Teen Disability and Special Needs $35
  Adult Disability and Special Needs $45
  Adults  $60
  Seniors $55


Service Price
  45-minute Massage and Emmett $75
                 1 hour Relaxation Massage $85
  30-minute Lymphatic Drainage Treatment $60

Health fund rebates available. Please enquire when booking.

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