Emmett 4 Dogs Levels 1 -5

LEVELS 1&2 Home Care Training
Focuses on learning the foundation
principles of the Emmett Technique and
provides a solid learning platform for
students to care for their own Dogs
muscle management.

Improving your dogs quality of life starts
with you... Learning how to is easy.
For more information on courses, or to find a local Practitioner visit our website:
EMMETT4Animals - www.emmett4animals.com

Level 3-4-5 Practitioner Training
Continuation to the advanced levels 3-4-5
and the accreditation day will enable the
student to become an EMMETT 4 Dogs

At this level they can further
assist their own Dog or enable them to
possibly begin a new career path. These
levels can also assist existing therapists,
veterinary and industry professionals in
extending their skills.

Proactive prevention and maintenance of
muscle actions may reduce injuries,
maintain well-being and improved

A muscle restriction can start with one
small irritation, creating muscle
compensations resulting in restrictions,
discomfort and unbalance.

The technique is performed on dogs,
horses and people. Using light finger
pressure at specific points this
neuromuscular therapy assists to
reprogram and recalibrate muscle

We'll show you how to notice the
sometimes-subtle signs of muscle
restrictions that may cause your dog
pain, discomfort and limited movement.
Simple to learn and apply
Light touch muscle release therapy
Effective, quick and lasting

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